Ningbo Fangzheng Tool Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, located in "China mould city"-Ninghai, is a professional company in research, development and manufacturing of automotive moulds for plastic parts. Fangzheng Tool is a national high-tech enterprise and has three factories: Meiqiao headquarters, Meilin branch and Ninghai branch covering a total area of 56,000 square meters. The companys complex precision mould has been approved by Chinas Machinery Industry Federation as the China Machinery Industry Quality Brand. We are a leading large-scale injection and blow mould making company in China and a key member of China Die & Mould Industry Association. Our companys technology center was identified by the Technology Department of Zhejiang Province and the Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau as the "Zhejiang Engineering Technology Center" and "Ningbo City Enterprise Institute".

With tons of experience, we've experienced of the mould designing and manufacturing standards of many countries and areas, including Europe (Germany, France, the UK and Russia), America ( North America and Mexico) and Asia (Japan and India), etc. Moreover, we have a number of first-class manufacturing equipments like German OPS 5-axis machining centers, OKUMA gantry 5-face machining centers, Fidia D318 5-axis machining centers, FANUC slow-speed wire cutting machines, Makino mirror electrical discharge machines and so on.

Our main products are tools for door panels, fuel tanks, interior/exterior parts and others. Our design and manufacturing technology has been at the forefront of domestic counterparts, and has achieved product performance comparable to European and American levels. To create maximum value for our customers, we pay great attention to internal quality management, strictly enforce the ISO9001 international quality standards and carry out project management for customers. We provide high-quality moulds for the renowned automotive parts suppliers worldwide and have become a core mould supplier of many international well-known automotive brands, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, General Motors, Honda, etc.

We invest heavily in technology innovation. Currently, We are collaborating with a number of colleges to jointly create advanced systems with integrated research, development, production, thus to enhance innovation and improve global synchronization. As a result, we've obtained more than 20 innovation patents and more than 30 utility model patents. In the 2010 National Mould Exhibition, our moulds were awarded the first place of the "Excellent Mould Prize". Besides, we are the leading company in drafting the industrial standards of fuel tank blow moulding. We've set up a joint mould technology center with Shanghai Jiao Tong University for the continuous research in new domains, new materials and new processes.

We insist on our mission of "Benefitting the world through percision and strength"; carry out our purpose of "To pursue excellence, make steel art and contribute to the community sincerely"; adhere to our value of "To maximize value for the customer, to work with a grateful heart, to win respect with love, to be responsible for yourself, to be responsible for the enterprise, to be responsible for the community, sustaining quality, and to make each detail the best". During China's strategic transition from a "big manufacturing country" to a "strong manufacturing country", we are committed to be a world-class automotive mould manufacturing company.

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After nearly twenty years development, Fangzheng Tool has attracted customers by trustworthiness, built up the brand by quality, created glory by innovation, brought harmonious by being grateful and reach our todays position by diligence. Looking forward, there is still a long way to go. And Fangzheng Tool will take "creating best quality, satisfying customers, benefiting employees and contributing to the society" as our responsibilities. Being dedicated, persistent, grateful and responsible, Fangzheng Tool will bring together with the elites and wisdoms a better future. Fangzheng Tool treats every new and old friend sincerely forever, and hopes that every customer and friend can work together with us as usual and we move forward hand in hand.

---Mr. Fang Yongjie